The Judd HK V8 LMP2 engine successfully powered a number of cars at the Le Mans 24 hours, the World Endurance Championship and in the European and Asian Le Mans series championships.
Judd HK V8 LMP2

Engine details

The engine was introduced for the 2011 season, following the ACO’s decision to mandate production based engines for the LMP2 category. We chose the BMW S65 4,0 litre V8 as our base engine (fitted to the M3 at the time) as it was available, reasonably priced and had a high specific output in roadcar form. We sourced the cylinder block and heads from our local BMW dealer and set about converting the engine for racing use. Cars fitted with the HK engine won races & championships in the LMP2 category in Europe and Asia.

We continue to support and rebuild existing HK engines but are no longer able to offer new engines for sale.

Engine Information
Base Engine: BMW S65 4,0 litre V8
Weight: 145kg
Length: 584mm
Crank Height: 94mm
Capacity: 3,6 litre
Maximum Power: ~500bhp with mandatory FIA/ACO restrictor
Maximum Speed: 10000rpm

Cooling System: Single water pump. Centre vee mounted, belt driven. Engine mounted thermostat (optional).

Oil System: Single-assembly pressure and scavenge pump mounted on RHS of engine

Clutch: 5” AP or Sachs, 3 plate carbon

Engine Mounts: Front Upper – 2 stud fixing
Front Lower – 2 stud fixing
Rear – 4 stud fixing, 2 lower 2 upper

Electronics: Motec M1 series ECU, which is compatible with Megaline and Shiftec gearshift systems.
2 crank sensors, driver switchable with engine running.
4 independent engine maps, driver switchable.
Closed loop fuelling, driver adjustable fuel trim.
PID Traction control, driver adjustable.
CAN communication to and from chassis systems for gearbox control, traction control, data logging.
Multi-channel engine safety software to prevent engine damage (overheating, loss of oil pressure, etc).
Compatible with Motec, Cosworth, Magneti Marelli and Bosch data acquisition and dashboard systems.

Fuel System: 4 bar pressure, one injector per cylinder

Throttle: Barrel type throttle with integral pneumatic blipper

Engine Design

Engine Assembly


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