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Racing Engines | Touring & GT Engines | Judd Power

Judd V8 Engines

Judd DB 3.0, 3.4 & 4.0L V8

Race winning Le Mans series, single seater and hillclimb engine.

Judd KV (Zytek) V8 F3000

Championship winning F3000, single seater and hillclimb engine.

Judd HK V8 LMP2

Championship winning LMP2 Le Mans series engine.

Judd V10 Engines

Judd GV 4.2 Litre V10

Championship winning Boss GP single seater engine.

Judd GV 5.0 & 5.5L V10

Championship winning LMP1 Le Mans series and historic sportscar engines. The Le Mans legends.

Judd GV 4 Litre V10

Championship winning single seater and Le Mans series engine.

AIM, GT & Touring car engines

AIM LMP1 Engine

Le Mans series LMP1 engine.

GT and Touring Car

We develop race winning production based engines for GT and touring cars.